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Plan 25408TF: Modest-Sized 3-Bed House Plan with 2-Sided Fireplace

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Plan 25408TF: Modest-Sized 3-Bed House Plan with 2-Sided Fireplace #25408TF #2Sided #3Bed #Fireplace #House

How Sound Insulations Work

Sound insulations are insulating materials that work to reduce the noise that enters a room from outside the home or from other rooms. These materials can be installed during construction, or later as a home improvement project. Products that are blown, such as foams, are easier to install in existing homes.

You can repair insufficiently insulated areas yourself, or hire a professional to do the job for you. Installing most of these materials is a fairly easy DIY project for the skilled homeowner. Some home improvement stores offer weekend workshops to show you how.

How Sound Insulations Work

Sound is transmitted when vibrations move through the air, floors, ceilings and walls. The sound waves move from one room to the other, or from the outside of the home to inside. This includes traffic noise or the sound of noisy neighbors. Insulation is a good sound absorber and is effective at minimizing the noises entering a room.

Soundproofing consists of using a barrier of some sort to prevent sound from entering the space that has been sound proofed. There are two basic ways to achieve this reduction in sound: noise absorption and noise reduction.

Approaches to Sound Insulations

There are a few approaches to noise level reduction or noise absorption. A variety of materials can be used for either purpose. Noise reduction can be accomplished with the use of space between rooms. The more space, the more room for sound waves to dissipate. If you increase the distance between the source of the noise and the space, you will reduce the noise that enters the space.

The other method, noise absorption, is also referred to as dampening. With this method, the sound waves are converted to heat within the insulation. This increases energy efficiency, while reducing sound. It also suppresses the echoes and reverberation of sound waves.

Materials for Sound Insulations

Rock Wool Insulation is made of all natural materials, such as diabase or basalt. It is used for insulating the home and absorbing sound. There are other benefits to this type of insulation. It is fire resistant and helps control condensation. In addition, it is resistant to the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Mineral Wool Insulation is available in either batts or loose fill. The material is stiff and brittle. Mineral wool is not only sound proof, but is fire resistant as well.

Fiberboard Insulation is installed under the drywall in your home. This material reduces sound waves through the walls and ceilings. It is effective for reducing outdoor noise from entering your room. This material is an excellent choice if you live in a city or for homes located on a busy street.

Acoustical Wall Coverings can be attached directly to the drywall. The best material to use in these wall coverings is polyester. This material is best at absorbing the sound waves that you are trying to eliminate.

Cork Squares look like floor tiles, but are made with cork board. The cork has a self sticking backing that is easy to apply to the wall surface. If you like the look of the cork, you can leave it this way. However, if you want it to match the decoration in your house, you can cover the cork with wallpaper.

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